New in Poland and want friends


I hope there is any english speaking horsepeople here.
I and my daughters (12 and 13) are new in poland, and we want to make new friends here. We don't speak much polish (yet) but we are learning.

We are a horse-family with interest in dressage and carriage driving. Our horses are still back home, but we hope to bring them here. But first we need to find a good place to stay for both us and them.

We miss our horses and the life in the stable, but I know there are many people with the same interest here, so if anyone wants to get to know us please respond or send a message!

And plesase don't be afraid of the english!
You'll have much more luck on Facebook, groups are now more alive than forums, and especially this one :P there's plenty of groups, just search for "konie", "jeździectwo". There should also be a local one, named probably like "jeździectwo województwo xxx". Just type your voivodeship instead of xxx.
Where excactly in Poland do you live? If you tell us probably you'll find somebody from your localisation and maybe they could tell give you more information or links to local groups.
Thank you for answering. I have also received some nice personal messages wich made me happy!

You are right, maybe Facebook is a better place, but I don't use that platform for now..

We are staying in Gdańsk for now, but are planning to move to a smaller town in the summer. We just need to find a good place for us.

I am thankful for guidance to help us find you out there. Or if anyone know about arrangements, shows and other happenings where we can get in contact with people so please give me a hint 🙂 (we lost cavaliada since we were in quarantine..)

Or if there is other web-pages or organisations you think can help us get started?

Fjording, maybe the forum is not the best place to find friends, but you are the most welcome here 😁 Stay, read and write!
Strzyga   Życzliwościowy Przodownik Pracy
09 marca 2022 11:00
Fjording, hello, you can always come to HIPODROM sopot and just visit, it’s open for public. There are also riding schools, let me know if you would like to have more info 🙂
Thanks 😊
I will gladly visit Hipodrom, and I will be very happy for more info...

Forum is not "the real world" I know... But I think there is a lot of good and interesting horsepeople here. And I have to start somewhere...

So with help of google translate I understand some of your polish post. I hope I one day understand polish good enough to participate 😉
We often argue on this forum but I think that's just what horse-people do, so please don't feel discourage and enjoy RE-Volta 🤣😅
donkeyboy   dzień jak codzień, dzień po dniu, wciąż się dzieje życia cud
11 marca 2022 12:22
Fjording I highly recommend you this thread JĘZYKOWY SŁOWNIK JEŹDZIECKI in Konie section of the site. You will often find that Google translate does not translate equestrian vocabulary. I say that as an ex groom who worked in the UK/Germany and had a hell of a time with things like "turn out" meaning putting a horse in the field but also plaiting for competition 🤣

If in doubt - shout!
I bet there is a lot of persons here with strong opinions about what is best and right 😂 But as you say, it is the way we are. We need some inner strength to work with our horses 😉

And thank you for tip about the thread about vocabulary. I have a lot to learn... and yes, there will easily be misunderstanding even with words you know. And equestrian vocabulary is full of special terms at least in my language...

Google translate gives me some good laughs though, as in example when it translate your word hipoterapia to "therapy for a hippopotamus" 😜
Becia23   Permanent verbal diarrhoea
12 marca 2022 03:15
Where are you guys from originally? 🙂 Welcome to Poland!

There is a topic on the horse section of the forum, about horse riding abroad, and I suspect that like me, lots of users of the forum like reading what the equestrian world looks like in other places.
Although traditionally it has been used by Polish people who emigrated to other countries, I think it actually might be fun to find out how you are finding the equestrian world here in Poland compared to back home, and what customs you are used to! I'm sure moderators won't mind you writing in English there 🙂 will probably be also a good way to get to know each other with other users 🙂
Thanks 😊 that was an interesting topic to read, and it told me a lot about what is normal here, and different to other countries.

We are norwegian, so in terms of horse-culture we are used to big facilities and so on. But we are really good to make it work in one way or another, even when the climate is harsh.

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